What patients can do to sustain effects of plastic surgeries

original post date: 8/27/2013
By Dr. Brent Moelleken

Deciding between Botox or Plastic Surgery for best results

“…you apply that operation to each individual patient that is going to give them the best result, with the least
By Dr. Frederic H. Corbin

The unique PlatinumCare LA patient experience

“From the call center to coordinated physicians, the patient experience will be a great one.” says Gilda Molhem, Vice President
By Gilda Molhem

Why is a physical examination important?

effective preventative medicine that enables practice to create customized treatment plans
By Dr. Sayeh Eshraghi

Why I created Stemulation

“I wanted to use stem cell technology to help other’s lives they way it helped mine…” says Laurie Nicoll, President and
By ClinicalNotebook

Urgent Care when you need it

Calls will always be answered and the office is open to 10pm nightly…
By ClinicalNotebook

What is tested during a "sports physical"?

focus is on safety …at higher level lab tests and concussion testing is involved
By Dr. John Moe

The Role of Acupuncture in Treating Sleep Disorders

Chronic sleep deprivation can impair the body’s immune system, physical reflexes, emotional stability, and cognitive functions. Severe sleep deprivation may
By Dr. Gary Kaplan

How difficult is it to get pregnant after the age of 40?

“Possible….but after the age of 44/45, much harder with own eggs…” says Dr. Klara Vogel from Santa Monica, CA.
By Dr. Klara Vogel

How urgent care centers act like primary care

“…our follow up functions as a primary care office…” says Dr. Shera Raisen of West Los Angeles, CA.
By Dr Shera Raisen

What makes our practice unique?

Our staff is highly trained and led by an expert physician. Our goal is to educate our patients.
By Dr. James V. O’Connell

Age limits for knee replacements?

“age is not as important as general health to make that determination…” says Dr. Bert Thomas of Santa Monica, CA.
By Dr. Bert Thomas

Why are younger people getting skin cancer?

“Lack of education about risks have led to increases” says South Bay Dermatologist, Dr James V. O’Connell.
By Dr. James V. O’Connell

Symptoms of heart disease

You can feel a pressure like an elephant sitting on your chest. You can have dyspnea (shortage of breath) when
By Dr. Siva Arunasalam

How and Why to Protect Your Eyes

“see an MD…an ophthalmologist at least every other year to evaluate your eyes…” say Dr. Marcy Aamot-Zwelling of Long Beach,
By Dr Marcy Zwelling-Aamot

Women at greater risk for Osteoporosis

“earlier menopause is a factor…” says Dr. Christine Paoletti from Santa Monica, CA.  
By Dr Christine Paoletti

Can you live with dementia for over 20 years?

“yes….if their bodily functions are healthy…” says Dr. Liliana Cohen of Thousand Oaks, CA.
By Dr. Liliana Cohen

Video example of a physician using her CN dashboard

We provide a personal dashboard so you may access your video profile and gallery at anytime to make changes, create
By ClinicalNotebook

Doctors are retaining and obtaining new patients through video

“Nothing like ClinicalNotebook. Its where doctors can serve as a constant resource. Doctors can engage their patients on camera while
By Dr Marcy Zwelling Aamot

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