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By ClinicalNotebook

Delay ICD 10

Delay ICD 10 go to and download the advocacy letter. Send the letter to Speaker Boehner, Chairman Upton, Chairman Sessions. Their
By Dr. Marcy Zwelling-Aamot

Dr. William Long of Ortho CSI

By Dr. William Long

Fish oil and other supplements will help treat depression

By Dr. Hyla Cass

What makes our practice so unique

“we get to the root cause”  
By Dr. Anju Mathur

How and why to avoid narcotics for pain management

By Dr. Jonathan R. Drysdale

Why did I start my own practice?

Dr. Pouya Shafipour is a board certified Family Medicine Specialist with subspecialty training in a field of medicine known as Bariatric
By Dr. Pouya Shafipour

Mammograms: Learn What You Need To Know

The value of a mammogram can only be decided by the person having the test- learn what you need to
By Dr. Marcy Zwelling

Why Digestive Enzymes?

Here is an expert overview of what you can’t afford not to know
By ClinicalNotebook

Profile in heartfelt leadership

Susan Dost has completed comprehensive training on priority senior issues conducted by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. She has
By Sheridan Care

The difference between In Home Care vs Assisted Living

Susan Dost has completed comprehensive training on priority senior issues conducted by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. She has
By Susan Dost

How BHG saved my practice

By Dr. John Sherman

Exposing the Doctor Recertification Process

Dr. Paul Kempen discusses how “non profit” boards profit from the recertification process    
By Dr. Paul Kempen, PhD

Supplements for restoring neurotransmitters

By Dr. Hyla Cass

Simple ways to avoid the Common Cold

“Wash your hands and be careful of what you touch in public places for starters”
By Dr. Tom Lagrelius

Immediate signs of tearing your Achilles?

“If you feel a bump and soreness your ok but if you felt the pop you tore it”
By Dr. Tracey Pesut

Suggestion for appetite suppressant

“green coffee bean extracts have been proven effective”
By Dr Pamela Brar

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