Why the HCG diet doesn't always work

By Dr. Dana Rosdahl

Why diet pills are not the best approach

A discussion on why diet pills might not be the best approach when it comes to diets.  
By Dr. Joan Hoffman

Remedies for sports related shoulder issues

“rest, ice, certain medications will reduce inflammation….or even injections will do what is needed before surgery”  
By Dr. Bert Thomas

What you need to know about vaccines

By Dr. Thai V. Hoang

When is your child at risk for Meningitis?

By Dr. Larry Kagan

Programs that can help women with menopause lose weight

Menopause and Nutrition is a 4 step program designed for the menopausal woman. It is an online 5 week interactive
By CinicalNotebook

Deciding between Botox or Plastic Surgery for best results

By Dr. Frederic H. Corbin

Impact of Telehealth with In-Home geriatric care

Susan Dost has completed comprehensive training on priority senior issues conducted by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. She has
By Sheridan Care

The importance of follow ups to review weight loss program success

Dr. Pouya Shafipour is a board certified Family Medicine Specialist with subspecialty training in a field of medicine known as Bariatric
By Dr. Pouya Shafipour

New ways to get some exercise when you are at your work station

By Dr. Consuelo Meux

How to increase your speed and endurance with fitness training

James Sullivan Evans isn’t just a fitness expert, he is a wellness coach adept at changing lifestyles. Evans incorporates an

How long does it take to create pain relief through Botox injections?

By Dr. Kaditam V. Reddy

Ylang Ylang Oil | Essential Oil Wizardry

“Ylang ylang” : Latin Name ~ Cananga odorata Said to be a flower so nice, they named it twice. Dripping
By Dr. Nick Berry

Total Thermal Imaging analysis of blood flow through the body

By Dr. Gregory Melvin

What is the proper follow up for plastic surgery?

By Dr. Brent Moelleken

Supplements for restoring neurotransmitters

By Dr. Hyla Cass

The importance of pancreatic cancer testing

“sings are so subtle that you have to get tested at certain ages just to have any chance at treatment”
By Dr. Hershey Garner

At what age do men & women feel hormone issues

“Around age 50, you start to see reduced results with your exercise and increased fatigue. Leading to risk of injury.”
By Dr Gino Tutera

How the Affordable Care Act is Helping You Now

“The doctor/patient relationship is changing with increased focus on prevention and lifestyle.”
By Dr. Alice Chen

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