Magnesium Oil Massage?

Dr. Mark Sircus Ac., OMD discusses magnesium supplementation and the pros and cons of oral versus topical applications.   
By Dr. Mark Sircus

Why the ACPP represents Direct Care based physicians

By ClinicalNotebook

When should you consider hospice for your loved ones with dementia?

Signs of end-stage dementia are: Unable to make judgments or solve problems, Appears to be too ill to be taken
By Dr.Liliana Cohen

Why your doctor may turn to private practice

“its not just economics, it will restore the doctor to patient relationship”
By Dr Gary Price

Medpor Ear Surgery for Microtia

Dr. Sheryl Lewin specializes in Medpor Ear Reconstruction. This video follows 3 year old Neabella through her Medpor ear surgery
By Dr. Sheryl Lewin

Are you pushing your kids too early with youth sports?

Some advice on a health approach to encouraging our kids to play within this increasingly competitive environment.
By Dr. Larry Kagan

Resolving TMJ

Martin N. Gorman, D.D.S. has over 32 years of experience in dentistry. According to Dr. Gorman, all of his patients
By Dr. Martin Gorman

Understanding when surgery is needed for different knee ligaments

“here is why the MCL doesn’t usually need a surgery”  
By Dr. Bert Thomas

How fat in your diet is good for the brain

As a neurologist, Dr. Cohen is highly trained to treat disorders of the nervous system, which include diseases of the
By Dr. Liliana Cohen

Open Angle vs. Closed Angle Glaucoma: Whats' the difference?

Dr. Carl Hartman, ophthalmologist, gives a brief overview of the two largest categories of glaucoma: Open angle and closed angle
By Dr. Carl T. Hartman, F.A.C.S.

A CN user asked, "What would it take take for me to stop taking Januvia?"

Should you stop taking Januvia? “diet and natural vitamins will reduce insulin resistance”    
By Dr. Frederick Brown

Can you tell if you tore your ACL knee ligament?

“yes, almost immediately as you feel the pop.”
By Kathy Coakley

Introduction to a Private Practice that focuses on evidence based medicine

Meet Dr. Frederick Brown  
By Dr Frederick Brown

Why are so many professional athletes injuring their achilles?

“athletes are getting bigger/stronger, maybe through steroids, and are thus, putting more stress on ligaments than they were before”
By Dr. Bert Thomas

The importance of pancreatic cancer testing

“sings are so subtle that you have to get tested at certain ages just to have any chance at treatment”
By Dr. Hershey Garner

How difficult is it to get pregnant after the age of 40?

“Possible….but after the age of 44/45, much harder with own eggs”  
By Dr. Klara Vogel

Quick Benign Prostate Growth (BPH) treatments

By Dr. Robert G. Pugach, MD

How has healthcare reform helped pediatric care?

“best thing it has done has been to increase access to insurance”  
By Dr. Thai Hoang

Are there Good fats that can help your diet?

“fish, avocado and certain nuts”
By Dr Pamela Brar

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