Is your school's playground open during the holidays?
Mine isn't and that is unfortunate for obvious reasons.
I wanted to teach my son how to ride his new scooter but the fences were locked and the yard was off limits.  Now I can understand some bureaucrat's fear of liability at LAUSD headquarters but the concept goes against everything our public schools should represent.
Public schools should be centers of our communities and accessible to the neighbors. Even if your kids don't attend the school, the residents have a right and an interest in its' success and the school's ability to serve children. The neighbors who pay the property taxes also have a right to able to use the "public" facilities.
For many communities, the school playground is the only park in the neighborhood. At a time, when some schools are cutting PE programs, at least all schools can keep their playgrounds open so their kids and the kids in their neighborhood can get some exercise.
Our society has a hard enough time fighting childhood obesity. We don't need our public schools to continue to make it a bigger issue when they can provide solutions.


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