When I went to school to earn my Masters Degree in school psychology, the professors stated that intelligence cannot change. Once the IQ is established, it will not vary more than a few points up or down throughout someone’s life time. In other words, if a child is assessed and classified as mentally retarded (intellectually deficient) or autistic, they would remain in that classification for the rest of their lives.
With the latest research I have been reading that theory has been shattered. We all know that the diagnosis of autism has exploded over the past 20 years. It has gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000, and the most current occurrence is 1 in 54 for boys. Shouldn’t that present a situation of epidemic proportions? Why isn’t the government with all its resources and departments embracing this as a major crisis?
It seems that the private sector has stepped to the plate to offer some alternatives to the standard medical practices. Some major advancements are happening in the areas of diet and nutrition, brain training and sensory stimulation, and behavioral sciences. Parents, you need to research and try these alternatives which best fit the needs of your children.
My theory is if you have a severely autistic child, advancements and improvements may only come in the smallest of baby steps to moderate steps. The higher functioning the autistic child is, the more improvements are possible. I am not saying that a cure to autism has been found. What I am conveying is that there are products, services, and treatment modalities that are experiencing significant results and improvements with the autistic population. Please explore the alternatives that are available to you with optimism and care. Get well informed.
In Spirit & Joy,
Tony M.

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