For the last 18 years, I have been studying all the various disabilities of children. I have taken classes to become a multi-subject teacher and earned a Masters degree in school psychology. On the average, I have attended in-service trainings almost every month over this time-frame and have learned a lot of information on a variety of topics. But, nothing compares my discoveries over the past 6 months.
I have completed hours and hours of research on the internet looking into disability organizations and the latest treatment programs available for children with autism, ADHD, and the causes of many of the disabilities. It has become clear that our western medical model and educational systems are in the dark on the current research on disabilities. Both bureaucracies are big entities and are known to lag behind the cutting edges of change.
I am taking a holistic view on what is happening to our children and our children’s children. We are no longer healthy human beings that are producing healthy offspring. Our sources of food are drastically low in nutritional value and are laced with numerous chemicals, toxins, and animal antibiotics! In short, we are slowly poisoning are children and this current generation. Not all children have been affected by this but the numbers for Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and all other disabilities are rising to epidemic proportions in the population. We have created a huge population where children’s brains are not functioning properly and are neurologically unbalanced.
The western medical model’s solution is to place young children on psychotropic and stimulant drugs which treat only the symptoms. In reality the side-effects from some of these drugs are worse that the existing disabilities. Why is it that so few doctors try and get to the source of the problem to work on a solution? The DSM-5 has not helped and has placed almost every abnormality into a diagnosable category. So now, we are seeing 4 and 5 year olds being diagnosed with Bi-Polar disease and treated with very potent drugs. The numbers of prescriptions for young children have skyrocketed to huge volumes. But have we seen a decrease in numbers of disabilities or improvements to their conditions? Sadly, the answer is no!
In my research I have found people and companies developing treatments and solutions to major neurologic conditions affecting our children which bypass drugs and chemicals and have significant good results. Not all disabilities have solutions due to the genetic or biological factors involved. But, more solutions and answers are being developed every day. As a society, we need to stop the poisoning our new generations and treat the existing generation with love and care, not with drugs and alienation.
In Spirit & Joy,

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