Following your symptoms to health simply means you can learn how to get well through your own body. Whether it is Lyme Disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia or MS it is possible to alter the way you see the disease and work in collaboration with your own body to overcome the hold disease has within your body. I struggled for 15 years with a chronic disease that had no name. It was my 14th year that I finally got a diagnosis that explained the strange and mysterious illness I was suffering. There were many factors involved in my full health recovery but one of the most important was the ability to learn to trust my own body again. It had betrayed me so much that I doubted it for a long time had the ability to get well. However, there were several events that occurred that began to change that perspective. One was working with various tools and one of those was an energetic tool, actually two energy based therapies and one was a technology that changed my life dramatically and allowed me to begin to trust my own body once again.
What I learned was my body has many levels to it. It is not just a physical body as we have been taught. Certainly that is true but it is actually a multidimensional body with a much larger energy system than our physical body. I learned my energy or electrical systems were as sick as my physical body and in fact much of the illness was manifested in the invisible body. Once I began to learn, understanding evolved and over time I began to listen once again.
Trust took time as I was still tuned into what a doctor had to say even though got no where with any doctor for 14 years. In the final year before I took over and figured it out for myself I did meet a doctor who ended up collaborating with me. However, it was my newly formed trust with my own body that had my best interests since we were in this problem together. What I mean is there is a part of our body that is connected to what I call the Divine Body. This body is not sick and it is and has been communicating with us for a long time but we have misunderstood its message and how it communicates with us. The body's own messaging center which we call symptoms is one of those ways which ultimately is the best way to begin the process of awakening to what lies beneath the message or the symptom.
Once I understood that there was a Divine intelligence at work within my own body system that I reconnected with and it was desirous of helping find the answers I did not veer off course again. I know the long journey I went on was in part to develop that trust. Today more than ever in America and around the world people are sick and sicker than ever with stranger diseases like Lyme Disease.
I would learn my final lesson to trust my Divine Messenger when I went back to find a doctor. I had been led to a health technology a few years earlier that saved my life. I'll talk about the power of this device, the SCIO to make a difference in health problems of any kind but it was evident to me at that point even with the device I needed more answers. I needed to know what was wrong with me, a diagnosis! I was guided to go to a particular center but it wasn't a fancy center and there was another one in the same area that was slick and nice and I decided not to follow by own body's inner guidance. That mistake could have cost me my life. I ended up being very dissatisfied at this ultra nice center but I had paid the money for the lab tests and some IV treatments so I could not leave. I knew almost immediately I should leave but I waited. It took a little over a month to get my labs and review. In that lab review the doctor told me the tests were all negative and that the only thing that showed up was some viral activation. I knew I had viruses but I couldn't believe once again nothing was there. My mistake was not asking for copies of my test results. Instead I asked to see the head of the center, an MD who I thought might be more qualified than the doctors they assigned to me. They had no experience to share with me that I did not myself feel I could do and figure out. In fact I knew I knew more than they did. They refused at first so I said I was leaving so they reluctantly allowed me an appointment with the director.
It was providence that I saw this doctor because within 10 minutes after filling out a form he said I had Lyme Disease. I told him my tests were negative for Lyme which I had requested to be tested for specifically. He left the room after looking in the file. I heard a lot of commotion outside the door and a few minutes went by and he came in with the other two doctors I had been seeing and the one who did my lab review. They seemed extremely nervous. I credit this doctor with being honest with me. He told me that the Lyme test wasn't even in my file and that he had to call and get it faxed over to him. He showed me the faxed test and it was over the top positive for Lyme Disease. In fact he said I had Chronic Lyme Disease based on the test results.
Obviously I was angry and asked why I had been lied to and he said he did not believe they lied but did give me a limp apology for the "error."
At that point all I wanted was to get out of there but I let him prescribe a port to be surgically installed in my chest and a myriad of anti biotics and supplements. I took them because I was desperate and I over rode once again my instincts, what my own body was yelling at me at that point not to do. I over rode it out of fear when I had been lied to by this center I should have left and gone else where with my test results. I did not and what ensued what a long drawn out ordeal. I did leave that center and never returned but I did follow through with his orders. I found another doctor who encouraged me to continue with those orders.
This was all a mistake but it took me about six months to recognize it fully and be ready to take over my own care completely.
I'll leave that part of the story till next blog but what I learned in that ordeal was to trust myself and no other. If I had listened initially perhaps I would have found a doctor who could have helped me or perhaps I would still have to had figured out a part of it myself but maybe I would have endured less insanity.
In the end I did figure it out, I recovered my health within a year of the Lyme Disease diagnosis. However, it was my intuitive, inner, spirit body that was the key. When everything fell apart as it did I went back to what had worked for me up to then. When I re-engaged that communication pathway my Guide was there ready and able to help me follow the path home. My home, my perfect healthy body did find its way out of health hell. I tell my clients about this story and they wonder if they too can do this. I tell them yes because I know it to be true and possible. I have worked with hundreds of people and many of them have found their way too. It takes work and tenacity but it is possible along with tools it can be learned and accomplished.
I'll share more insights on this topic in my next blog. Here's a tip to get started. Take a journal and write out your single symptom that plagues you the most like pain. Write an intention that you want to learn and you are listening. Ask your inner guide, your spirit, your intuition to help you, it will! Do this for a period of time and wait for the insights and awareness to flow through your pen. It will begin to unfold and share with you ideas, thoughts and impressions of what to do. Eventually you simply will know and you will trust it. For now it's enough to begin the process.
Working with a Health or Spiritual Coach can and does help but you can do it on your own as I did. I do provide a 15 minute free consult to anyone interested or with questions about this technique and my services.
You can reach Janet Love at Remnant Health Center 480-634-7833 [email protected]

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