Respected by doctors for helping educate hundreds of thousands of patients and promoting hundreds of physician practices and their online profile nationwide, ClinicalNotebook (CN) unveiled new technologies to improve marketing solutions for doctors at the American College of Private Physicians’ (ACPP) Annual Conference on September 24 in Las Vegas.


ACPP leaders stressed the urgency for private physicians to include simple video messages as part of any website enhancement and social media strategy. During the meetings, attending physicians committed their practices to presenting video commentaries on their websites so their insights could be shared with patients and colleagues on a regular basis.


“Video is helping today’s concierge physician stay connected with their patient base in the most authentic and consistent manner. The CN Platform is making it easy for our members to better represent themselves, raise their profile and stay top of mind to patients,” said American College of Private Physicians Executive Director William Ross.


Understanding that over 64% of patients are now trying to search for doctor commentaries while conducting their selection of a practitioner, CN has built a unique platform to serve hundreds of private physicians by promoting over 3000 approved doctor commentaries to assist this vetting process.  CN physician members believe this growing new format will help patients who are not satisfied looking through physician listings and need something more authentic than the pedestrian information that is dispensed via medical directories.


ClinicalNotebook physicians will be able to receive a comprehensive personalized program to connect with their current patient community while improving patient flow. Current Physician members will see improvements to their current video based profiles, have access to affordable content production and enhanced content key wording. The CN Platform will now also provide affordable mobile friendly websites designed specifically for physician practices and lead generation through data analytics for their video content produced through ClinicalNotebook.


ClinicalNotebook’s marketing solutions for doctors are poised to help the majority of private physician practices who have yet to use online media to improve their patient engagement as only 8% of physicians reportedly use YouTube to share information. Since YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and patients (and most doctors) are navigating Google and YouTube to learn about health issues and even make decisions about their doctor, most marketing experts agree that today’s physician must address and learn how to trust this media or risk being left behind.


“We learned that our offices can affordably create, easily present and successfully promote educational video content. ClinicalNotebook knows how to tailor marketing solutions for doctors. Their approach makes the process of patient engagement comfortable for doctors and trustworthy for patients, “ said ACPP Board Member Dr. Marcy Zwelling-Aamot  of ChoiceCareMD.


ClinicalNotebook’s presentation at the ACPP Forum showcased an inter-active platform that enables patients to use video to search for doctors and even receive video messages from submitted questions. This advancement in media highlighted the growing trust both doctors and patients have in YouTube.


“Since nearly 40% of all doctors use YouTube to navigate health content for their patients, we are happy to provide a solution that enables a physician to trust this media for their own marketing too. That is why we are committed to helping physicians maximize the power of video to protect their brand and let the authenticity of their insights speak for themselves,” said ClinicalNotebook President Bill Bergstrom.


To that end, ClinicalNotebook announced partnerships with technology innovators, XTendly and Appinium, to help private physicians access sophisticated and customized websites and cutting edge data analytics on how patients are responding to their online presentation and content.


ClinicalNotebook’s physician leaders like Advisory Board Member Dr. Frederick Brown from Houston, Texas believe the Platform is making it easier and more enjoyable for both patients and physicians to learn and share important health information. “This service takes the fear of video away for any doctor that wants to get their message out there without looking like they are selling.”


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