Dr. Marcy Zwelling and four other CN Visitors Just Viewed Your Video Library. That is a message you could be receiving soon through ClinicalNotebook.


The CN Platform, which has helped educate hundreds of thousands of patients and promote hundreds of physician practices nationwide, is pleased to unveil new technologies to our program. We have taken pride in building customized video libraries for our physician members who have used our marketing solutions for doctors to increase their online visibility.


Having developed the largest online medical video library of over 3000 video commentaries on an array of health issues, we have learned a few things over the past few years and perhaps the most important is the simple fact that over 64% of consumers searching on Google for health practitioners are using video during their vetting process of selecting a practitioner.  Patients are not just looking at physician listings, it is obvious they want something more authentic than pedestrian information. Unless it is in-person consultation, there is nothing more intimate and credible than educational content from doctors on camera.


Yet, only 8% of physicians reportedly use Youtube to share information. Since Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine and patients (and most doctors) are navigating Google and Youtube to learn about health issues and even make decisions about their doctor, today’s physician must address and learn how to trust this media or risk being left behind.


Having provided innovative marketing solutions for doctors, we believe physician practices are rightfully concerned about the time and money associated with video and how it is marketed. We want you to better understand how content can be affordably created and successfully presented to your colleagues and patient communities.


This month, we will include the on-site production and the opportunity for you to be the first in the industry to track your content performance in addition to our current marketing solutions for doctors..

Getting started is easy:


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