A simple autopsy of the Presidential Election shows us that negative attacks were not the sole reason for Donald Trumps’s victory, among other reasons…Donald Trump won because he successfully ingrained a basic message to his base of support.

If physicians could learn one lesson from this month’s recent elections, it should be that it is vital for doctors to control their own message. Voters didn’t and typically don’t remember responses to attacks, they identify with a consistent clear philosophy that can be understood and remembered. Physicians can use this simple communications approach to improve their own patient flow because it is also consistent with effective patient engagement.

The percentage of patients now conducting an online “vetting process” during their selection of a physician is staggering. Nearly 80% of patients look through online reviews and pretty much all patients will visit the doctor’s website prior to making the first appointment. Yet, very few physicians enjoy consistent online branding. That is why it is critical that doctors take as much control of this environment as possible. To that end, any or all innovative marketing solutions for doctors should revolve around a basic online strategy that includes the following:

1) Professional & Clear Website

2) Social Media Links

3) Use of Video for Patient Education

4) Sharing of Articles and Blogs

5) Control of Online Listing(s)

These avenues of communication are the foundation for not just innovative marketing solutions for doctors but meaningful patient engagement. A doctor’s campaign begins with the development of a clear and professional website that outlines philosophies and services. The campaign extends to sharing news on social media and authentic insights through video and blogs. Taking control of online listings and reviews then helps ensure that patients access consistent messaging during searches for a physician.

Not only does this sound simple but it is also not that hard to execute. Doctors do not need to hire public relations agencies to develop these resources and manage a successful campaign. There are many innovative marketing solutions for doctors that can tailor a program that meets the exact needs of today’s physician and ensure this effort reflects the doctor’s authentic voice.

A good web strategy is more than just marketing and advertising, it is transparency and patient education.

For doctors concerned about their web strategy and unsure what direction to take, here are six signs that a re-boot is needed:

  • Website is not mobile friendly
  • Website design is unprofessional and outdated
  • Website is hard to navigate for visitors
  • Online Listings do not contain accurate information
  • Lack of video and social media presence
  • Website isn’t sharing what makes your practice unique

If you think any of these signs may apply, learn more about the Trusted Platform for Physicians: How CN Works

“We realized that patients had other options and they deserved more information from our practice.  A solid web strategy has improved our relationships with patients and reinforced their trust in us.” Dr. Liliana Cohen, Medical Director of Neuron Medical in Thousand Oaks, California.




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