Chinese medicine believes that when there is sufficient healthy qi inside, the evil qi is unable to invade our body.
The healthy qi refers to the ability of the human body to keep away from sickness and maintaining health.
Evil qi refers to the external factors that can cause diseases such as bacteria and viruses.
Immune Booster is formulated by Dr. Willow Liu, a world-renowned expert of Chinese herbal medicine based on her clinical practice and research.
The ingredients in this formula are all common edible herbs in China. Modern studies show that they can enhance immune and respiratory function, improve digestion and circulation.
The feedback from people who took it gained energy, improved their respiratory function and circulation.

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Dr. Willow Liu


Dr. Willow Liu, Ph.D., CEO of Expert Pharm, received her B.S. of Chinese Material Medicine,  M.S. of Medicine, and Ph.D. of Natural Product Chemistry from China. She was a post-doctoral research scientist in Columbia University...