Take control of your real-world reputation, increase your online presence and improve patient retention... while making a difference.

We provide you the online tools needed to easily record and share videos, connect with patients and ultimately control your online presence while simultaneously performing a valuable public service. Your medical and health videos will be presented on a secure media platform in a vetted library of medical and health information.


"Patients can easily find you and your office and see exactly what you have to say." - Dr. Daniel Jimenez

"The authenticity CN provides is a tremendous resource for patient engagement and retention." - Dr. Marcy Zwelling-Aamot


Your personalized CN DASHBOARD will enable you to:

  • Record video commentaries directly to your CN Profile Page.
  • Feature your CN Profile Page directly on your website.
  • Feature your Custom Media Library directly on your website.
  • Share your opinions on multiple online platforms at the same time.
  • Control and increase your online presence and rating.
  • Attend secured Virtual Visits with your patients and peers.


How to Get Started

All CN Physician Memberships and Featured Physicians must be approved and vetted by the ClinicalNotebook Advisory Board.

Once you have activated your account you may begin recording videos about issues, topics, and questions you think your patients are most concerned with.

Then... record a short video about an issue YOU care about.

Lastly, from your dashboard, alert your patients to your presence on ClinicalNotebook.