Chiropractic / Thermographer - (California)

Dr. Gregory Melvin is a Board Certified Reading Doctor and Chiropractor with Total Thermal Imaging.

Dr Melvin has specialized in the application of new thermal imaging technology to diagnose and treat medical issues.

His background includes expertise with spinal column stressology, design pattern spinal stabilization chairs, serving as a Thermo Reader for Thermo Vision, color enhanced radiography and integrative thermo imaging.

Dr. Melvin has 35 years of chiropractic experience, 20 years of reading and interpretations of thermal imaging scans and 300 hours of radiology. He is a noted speaker who teaches and certifies doctors and technicians in thermal imaging. He has trained offices throughout the US and continues to educate himself everyday in analyzing his patient scans to help them have a better understanding of their health and health options.

Doctor of Chiropractic - Board Certified Thermal Reading Doctor for 20+ Years

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Affiliated With: Total Thermal Imaging
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Office Address: 8341 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91942
Office Phone: 619.303.5884
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