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Dr. Kristin Stiles Green is a naturopathic doctor licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in the state of California. She has made a career of helping people achieve their optimal health using clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, dietary intervention, and lifestyle counseling.

Dr. Stiles Green's focus is on health and she has had success helping people of all ages. Her expertise is effective for those who have received a cancer diagnosis or are experiencing fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight management issues, allergies, eczema, asthma, digestive issues, ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia, and immune disorders among others. She is very experienced in addressing food sensitivities, testing for environmental toxicities and neurochemistry testing.

Dr. Stiles Green practices at the forefront of natural and preventive medicine. After earning her medical degree
she established one of the first naturopathic practices in northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York. She was recruited by United Health Services in New York State to develop an integrative medical center integrating naturopathic, allopathic, Chinese, mind/body, and physical medicine. She oversaw the design and development of this facility and its programs. She also recruited all of the clinical staff for the facility.
Following her success with United Health Services she developed and directed a private group of integrative medicine practitioners, and managed a weight management program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Dr. Stiles Green spent several years working as the Director of Nutrition and a naturopathic doctor at a concierge-style practice in Santa Monica, California which catered to high profile, international clientele.

More recently, she was recruited to direct the Department of Naturopathic Medicine at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the Chicago area. She spent four years there supervising a staff of up to 15 naturopathic doctors; and designing and implementing evidence-based, naturopathic oncology protocols to be used in conjunction with cancer patients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and stem cell transplantation.

Dr. Stiles Green believes in “practicing what she preaches” and therefore lives her life with the same level of commitment to diet, health, exercise, and wellness that she asks of her patients. She is a frequent speaker on topics concerning natural medicine, health, oncology and wellness and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs throughout the country. She has also been published in several health magazines and books.

Affiliated With: Neuron Medical
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