Family Practice - (California)

Knowledge, experience, tenacity, and empathy are the core of my every day calling.


My work with pioneers in medicine such as Harold Harper MD, Carlton Fredricks PhD, Robert Atkins MD, Charles Farr MD, PhD, and Warren Levin MD, and my four decades as a physician and founder and director of several medical centers, provide me with a unique experience in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.


While I have been blessed with knowledge gleaned from the global experience of modern health and longevity, I have always emphasized communicating this understanding to my patients. Dr. Osler also stated, “The first duty of a physician is to educate the masses not to take Medicine.”

One tool that I constantly hone is to “work on the cutting edge of ancient medicine”.  I combine high tech scientific treatments, such as intravenous chelation, oxidative medicine, and stem cells, with the alternative ancient medicinal gifts of natural and energetic healing, while blending in conventional medical approaches.


Every choice in Medicine involves balancing risks. The question I always ask myself is, “What is the risk of following one course of treatment versus the risk of not following it?”

I have found that in conventional medicine, the risk of doing it can be greater. Sometimes this is called, “ The cure being worse that the disease”.  In alternative medicine, the reverse is often true.

For example, in conventional medicine, the risk of taking often-prescribed blood pressure drugs can be greater than finding ways to avoid them or even doing nothing.


On the other hand, the risk of not taking certain supplemental vitamins and minerals can be dangerous, while taking them is safe and effective.


My book, Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, provides examples of answers I have found through this approach. I deal with Mixed Infection Syndrome, illnesses that give symptoms and signs that debilitate and even cripple and kill.


Be it cancer, Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue, or any of a host of other ailments, including those which have plagued a patient for many years through many treatments, I tenaciously devote my energies, my expertise, and all my senses to the pursuit of your good health.





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