Family Practice - (Virginia)

Dr. Rand Baggesen is the Medical Director of n1 Executive Health Group and the creator of one of the most respected and innovative executive health programs in the country. Dr. Baggesen is recognized nationally by fellow physicians as a leader in private medicine. He has built his reputation largely on his ability to identify and apply state-of-the-art technologies for disease prevention and health risk management in his practice. He was recognized as a pioneer in visual medicine; making broad use of ultrasound technology for health screening and speaks on behalf of the world's largest manufacturer of handheld ultrasound.

In addition to his passion for the early detection of disease, Dr. Baggesen is vigilant about teaching and empowering his patients to protect themselves in the health care system. He was one of the earliest pioneers in the area of portable health records. He has lead the development of the award-winning VitalKey which all members of his practice carry to access their comprehensive health records anywhere in the world. Dr. Baggesen attended the Medical College of Virginia. He completed his residency at Chesterfield Family Practice, a VCU/MCV/Chippenham Hospital affiliated program and served as chief resident. He is board certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine at MCV.

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Contact Information

Office Address: 7101 Jahnke Rd #550A, Richmond, VA 23225
Office Phone: (804) 560-3295