Integrative Medicine / Nutritionist - (California)

Grace Hameister D.C. is an Integrative care physician and nutrition specialist in Los Angeles area and abroad.
Exclusive Concierge Services Include:

  • In-home / on-site / on-set / on-tour advanced Chiropractic care & tissue work.
  • Massage therapy.
  • World-Class private fitness and private trainers.
  • Elite laser care for accelerated,quantum healing of body pain,scar tissue reduction,and peak performance achievement.
  • High-tech cellular detoxification with cellular cleanse therapy machine,and individually designed pharmaceutical-grade vitamin supplement programs.
  • Full blood work-ups including anti-aging panels,cancer screening and male and female hormone panel screens.
  • Advanced nutrition with exclusive Trademarked cleanse and detox program: Eluvies.
  • Private chef and personal food shopping,for specially designed organic,fat burning and sensually satiating meals.
  • Natural & effective anti-aging solutions.
  • Spiritual integration with aromatherapy,sound healing,meditation & visualization sessions.
  • Save money while getting VIP treatment. Ask about our health insurance options
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Contact Information

Office Address: 4254 Lexington Ave. Los Angeles/Beverly Hills/Malibu CA 90029
Office Phone: 310-779-5150
Website Address: