What is ClinicalNotebook?

ClinicalNotebook is an inter-active VIDEO LIBRARY of QUICK commentaries from health experts and physicians. Within the structure of this medical and health video library, participating health experts and physicians receive video recording and sharing tools to present their videos on their website and increase/personalize their online presence.

Patients have the ability learn quickly from thousands of educational videos and if they become a CN Member, they can directly engage physicians and health experts via secure virtual visits.

    What do I need to get started?

    PATIENTS can enjoy our free Medical and Health Video Library free of charge, however if you'd like to have access to our virtual visit service you must become a CN Member. Register for membership by clicking the PATIENT SIGN UP button on the front page. You will need a credit card to sign up and will be charged ONE CENT for verification purposes. After that you may log in under the Patient drop down button in the upper right hand corner of the front page. From there you may access your personal dashboard and request a virtual visit with your physician or any participating physician/specialist member that participates on the CN platform.

    PHYSICIANS/ORGANIZATIONS may become a CN Affiliate member by clicking the AFFILIATE SIGN UP button on the front page. You may choose a personal video profile or a custom video gallery for your practice/organization. After that you may log in with your username and password under the Affiliate drop down button on the front page. From there you may access your personal dashboard, re-design your gallery, record videos, aggregate your online videos or request and/or invite your patients to virtual visit with you.

      What if I don’t have a website?

      PHYSICIANS - CN Profiles and Libraries have their own URLs and can thus be searched separately and act as a stand alone website. If you have a website your custom video gallery may be badge link and added on to your website presentation with easy copy and paste badges. There is no reason to wait to complete a website. It's easy to take advantage of online visibility now.

        What is a Virtual Visit?

        The concept of the virtual visit is to enable physicians to consult with their patients remotely.  All CN facilitated video technologies use HIPAA encryption levels via smart phone, computer, or tablet provided by BlikMed.




          How am I receiving marketing benefits?

          These custom video libraries improve patient engagement, naturally encourage patient retention and support reputation management. Because of the way ClinicalNotebook is structured, the way we package our videos, the diversification of issues/topics and our online credibility, each individual personal video platform and every video content management system generated by ClinicalNotebook receives an immediate robust search engine ranking and search-ability factor.

          ClinicalNotebook links with Youtube therefore all video content is displayed simultaneously on both platforms. However,  the ClinicalNotebook custom presentation of a video library helps maximize the member’s YouTube presence while providing a vetted and authenticated platform solely dedicated to medical content. The CN Media library increases member search engine ranking unlike other broad video platforms. Ultimately, the CN Platform combines all three formats of a directory, videos, and personal branding to compliment and validate any video marketing and communications.