Featured Physicians

ClinicalNotebook is proud to support physicians, medical centers and organizations that are supporting their communities and serving as educational resources to their patients. Please check out our featured physician BIOs, Video Profiles and Galleries and see what some of the most progressive health practitioners in the country have to say about important issues of the day.
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  • Dr. Marcy Zwelling-Aamot

    Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Tom LaGrelius

    Geriatric Medicine

  • Dr. Alice Chen


  • Dr. Gary Price

    Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Rand Baggesen

    Family Practice

  • Dr. Pamila Brar

    Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Bryan Glick

    Family Practice

  • Dr. Charles Whitney

    Sports Medicine

  • Dr. Lawrence Piro


  • Dr. Bradley F. Bale

    Family Practice