Geriatric Care / Women's Health - (California)

Barbara Colella is the Hospice Administrator and Marketing Liaison for Doctors Preferred Hospice.

Barbara possesses over ten years of successful experience in communications, planning and operational management in Home Health Care.

She is well known for her ability to navigate the aging process by providing practical plans for families to ensure successful outcomes. She is aligned to pilot a senior art program with ArtTrek, a state wide recognized art program for seniors, and the disabled. She is dedicated to change tired thinking and stereotypes on aging, provide education and resources, and inspire adult children of seniors. She uses a client-centered approach to identify and utilize strengths in coping with challenging transitions in life. Her mission is to provide high quality services to the aging such as non-pharmacological activities with neurocognitive benefits.

Barbara is committed to maximize quality of life through supportive collaboration, open and objective communication. Her goals are focused on promoting positive change and self-empowerment. Growing up with a severely disabled sibling, she brings a unique perspective to her clients. Barbara’s nonjudgmental and authentic manner aims to provide a safe environment for each client. Her objective is to achieve a balanced perspective on challenging life events. She works with all ages and focuses on seniors and their families to navigate overwhelming issues.

Barbara possess a Master's Degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Barbara incorporates personal experience and proven techniques to adapt to the needs of the disabled, our seniors and Alzheimer’s patients. Care strategies are varied with technology, music and art therapy, neurofeedback, aromatherapy, laughter yoga. She is relationship driven and fluent in the medical home health, rehabilitation, hospital and hospice process. As a confident speaker, she provides educational support to partners in the community and business sectors.


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