Anti-Aging Medicine / Patient Advocacy - (California)


Dr. Eleanor Kong  is the owner of TriTechRX pharmacy.

She received her Pharm.D. degree from USC (University of Southern California) in 1981, and a Master in Pharmacokinetics also the same year. She has devoted her time primarily in academic acute care in the hospital pharmacies from 1980 to 1995. Her last experience at Vencor Hospital in Los Angeles opened her eyes and heart; instead of caring for the terminal and vegetative clients she wants to focus more attention and create bigger impact to the “well people” via preventive and wellness care.

In 1992 she acquired her first retail pharmacy in East LA.   She has hence acquired or built total of 5 pharmacy stores, each with different style and focus, but all shared the same love and passion for the care of the community and the people in it.

Currently Dr. Kong owns and operates a small boutique community pharmacy, Tri-Tech Pharmacy , in Santa Monica; and SeaGrass Health Spa for Women’s care and Heart Health.


Contact Information

Office Address: 910 Broadway, suite 105, Santa Monica CA 90401
Office Phone: 424 268-1780
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