Anti-Aging Medicine / Skin Care - (California)

Laurie Nicoll, President and CEO of Stemulation, has over 25 years of executive level management. She developed four companies from the ground up and drove their profitable sales production to several million dollars a month. She has won many awards for her excellence as a visionary and in leadership.

And most significantly, Laurie’s position as Business Development Officer at a Stem Cell research company is where she learned extensively about the healing properties Stem Cells. Having a long history of personal skin conditions stemming from a deficiency from birth; her bodies inability to produce vitamins A and D. Resulting in extremely dry, sensitive and pre-maturely aging skin.

Her wheels started to turn and she began a two-year research project to identify a protocol that would capture the healing properties of the stem cell in a topical application, knowing that if it would make a difference for her. It would be remarkable for others as well.

Her focus now is on creating the most groundbreaking skin care products on the market that utilize this revolutionary technology.



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