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Teodoro Gaetano, an originating pioneer of the Personal Fitness Training Industry, leads the Gaetano Fitness group of companies on three continents as Founder & Chief Executive Officer. Teodoro’s expertise lies in catering to world-class clients his unique services, with full confidentiality, in developing new ventures and building highly proficient teams of like-minded fitness specialists that are able to grow rapidly, effectively and globally.

Teodoro brings his broad experience as a trainer, nutritional therapist, anti-aging expert, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, visionary, investor and operator in every aspect of Gaetano Fitness. This young fitness mogul has successfully ported to Gaetano Fitness his top level management experience at the Virgin Active global franchise, and established in Los Angeles, after living and studying in New York City, London and Dubai. The once-inseperable Executive Assistant and Personal Trainer of the 5.6 billion net-worth Sir Richard Branson soon followed the footsteps of his mentor and branched out in technology and software, but also remained devoted to his life-long focus of life expanding and life improving, personified by his patronym company.

Most recently, as Founder of Quantum Worldwide Consulting, he delivered his industry know-how for many of the top global industry brands such as: Equinox, Crunch, The Third Space, Gymbox, Danceworks and several privately owned country-clubs in Europe and United Arab Emirates, in addition to the consolidation of Gaetano Fitness Global Group.

Passionate about orthomolecular nutrition and the Gerson (anti-cancer) nutritional therapy, Teodoro got his degree as Nutritional Therapist from Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London, after getting the industry certificates from American College of Sports Medicine at an early age. His passion for scientific research led him into conducting and participating in 24 scientific studies, so far, as Scientific Member of both Institute of Optimum Nutrition London and Life Extension Foundation USA. He is also a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy as a Certified NLP Coach, another area of his life-long interest.

As former competitive black belt in Kyokushin Budokai, Teodoro understands the leadership needed to excel and win in athletics and business. Teodoro’s favorite quote is, “The speed of the leader dictates the rate of the pack” and there is no doubt he sets a tenacious pace for the Gaetano Fitness Global Group.





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